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five games

191"Who became a Super Rookie of the Year, who then will be in trouble." A few years ago, a rookie who won the Super League players, this award is compared to the "curse." Feng Renliang is the "curse" yet another "best newcomer." nike shox shoes Clues from the grasp of view, Feng Renliang no doubt the real date of birth is modified, according to the Chinese Football Association announced league players Zhixu Ce, Fengren Liang was born in the "January 8, 1989," belongs to the London Olympic-age players, but his displayed on the card is Born "May 12, 1988." For this reason, Xiao Feng has yet to enter the Olympic team this year; had been cheap hats awarded best new artist of his temporary transfer to another; long ago, he mysteriously left the team. Professional football in China, young people stage a player his age piecemeal, there are numerous, but white nike shox they change more radical than Xiao Feng, more flawless. Tianjin, an M name players, back in more than 10 years old, his parents to open up the relationship, his files are named with another M to a universe of juvenile great diversion, it is so "small" one-year-old M-age players named players entered the Olympic standard. From the file, almost any change he could not find evidence of age, the only doubt is that from the beginning more than 10 years of age, M name players not just physical development, his face has undergone enormous changes. wholesale hats Why did not M Feng Renliang change themselves more thoroughly? The answer is sad: this is no money, no family situation was not on the relationship not only take care not to pay for their children changes age. black nike shox Yesterday's Feng Renliang with a coach who had brought contact, the coach said: "At the time no one thought could go Shenhua Fengren Liang, to enter the Olympic team, were removed from the League for a player, date of birth appears bias, there is not anything. " hat stores When Feng Renliang into a "age gate", some of the media frame Sicko has the mentality of booing, they even assert that Shenhua and Tianjin, the engine will do the club suffered heavy penalties. Can only say they are close to the situation of Chinese football was too much for too little control, there is little sign of trouble, they "novelist," the potential to burst out. In fact, just past the 2010 season, the Chinese Football Association to change because of the players age, had a penalty in the effectiveness of the G Jiangsu Sainty team name player, as evidence to modify the age of the players suspended for seven games by the Chinese Football Association, but because team members personal behavior, not subject to any involvement in Jiangsu Sainty, 7 games after the suspension period, he returned to the Super Stadium. nike shox Feng Renliang because the "age gate" will be suspended by the Chinese Football Association, the only question. Fortunately, early child masters the poor, small Pingdui An comfort of his friends say: "I have never hidden their age, what happened I do not have a good argument, in order to exchange a real age, any punishment I to accept. "
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the Chinese

189Most of the time in 2010, the Shanghai Shenhua teenager Feng Renliang fame can be described, this effect a year ago in the second division of the unnamed teenager, not only the main growth Shenhua, was also named the Chinese national team, has been included in the vide blown away by the many people. Did not think about the past in 2010, when Feng Renliang fell into the "age gate" scandal --- the media that Fengren Liang identity card, passport ages show he was born in 1988, but his enrollment in black nike shox the Chinese Football Association Age is 1989. At present, Shanghai Shenhua to recognize the "Chinese Football Association has to raise the issue" and said "I hope you all the official information shall prevail." "Shanghai Shenhua may be subject to punishment, their eligibility will be affected AFC ... ..." this nike shox shoes Shanghai Shenhua said he was innocent, because the engine introduced a year ago from Tianjin Fengren Liang, the other information provided will be displayed Fengren Liang was born in 1989. Fengren Liang said he "did not know the specific situation, what things you can ask the leadership." In nike shox fact, Chinese football player things had to change the age Suanbu Le news, Xiao Feng is not the first "eat the crab", it will not be the last. As to why there are so many strange that, fundamentally, this is the sports sector in China "Olympic strategy" related. cheap hats Summer Olympic sports in China has always been the most important international competition, most sports teams will be around the Olympic Games to develop their own specific training programs, the introduction of guidelines to determine its own personnel, football is no exception. Olympic men's soccer wholesale hats now requires the use of the U23 age group teams, who want the Olympics to "a ball fame," the players and their parents behind, coaches, clubs, began playing his own small thinking. To the 2012 London Olympics, for example, to participate in the Olympic men's soccer players born in 1989 as the best 1990 hat stores born players selected in the leader is also expected in 1991, 1992, we can only "hope the ball they can not afford" the . Once the missing piece of the Olympic Games, "BRIC", the Chinese young players will white nike shox be very difficult to have the light of day, the probability of talent will be pitifully low. Because of this, there will be some of the club, coaches, parents hand combat, to help players "modify" the age thing. "Olympic first," do not change the concept of the day, the Chinese soccer one day before the election system is not perfect, "age gate" in China would be difficult to extinction. (Xinhua Li Zhigang)

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188Florentino said: "I have long said that Valdano is our spokesman, he is the best representative of the image of Real Madrid." Such remarks, no doubt Mourinho is the proposed denial, and Valdano, backed on. Jose Mourinho and the contradictions Valdcheap hats ano has been completely open, "Marca" and even lists the eight major conflict between the two. As early as in the previous interview, Florentino has publicly declared that Real Madrid coach Jose wholesale hats Mourinho at Inter environment is not mentioned in the same metaphor. Jose Mourinho and then throw in the shelling of Lenovo remarks, issued letters to its Florentino password, and Real Madrid want to use their attack before the referee, so as to achieve the purpose of establishing high-level authority. "Depend on others," Mourinho chose a move decisively "to retreat", will not let me say, that just do that! Or, simply is not there! They hate the whole La Liganike shox shoes Mourinho escalated the conflict with Real Madrid, because of their inappropriate behavior, has angered some of the La Liga football. First come out of their attack is the referee. Many league referees have said privately: "Those (13 errors) is problematic in many, Mourinho and Real Madrid are looking for something to strive for the best interests of himself. He looks to those actions like a clown. "Some referees even ridicule, said," I hope that Mourinho will take to read the fine rules. "black nike shox Valencia coach Emeka also a harsh irony in the Mourinho one back: "Mourinho has done nothing but a pack of bumbling air fills cry." Barcelona "The Godfather" Cruyff also Mu Li Niao criticized: "it is inevitable white nike shox that referees make mistakes, but you must act like adults do, learn to respect others. Jose Mourinho is a good coach, but he just wants his own team's interests. The Bosc and Guardiola is not only excellent, but also for the delivery of social and other values of other teams. " hat stores Harvey has always been modest, even Mourinho questioned the status of football: "Mourinho is definitely a good coach, but not into football history. To write history, and all you have to contribute different things, nike shox but he did not contribute something new to football. "Both referees, coaches or players, for Mourinho are some" bear watching. " It seems the days of Mike Mussina in the league, but also have a more difficult start. More exciting content, please enter the sports channel
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186● called "Hengda model" Guangdong Women's Volleyball Club, A League this year, first entered a row on the altar of the Chinese stir the still waters of boring years, triggering talking about. "Hengda mode" to rely on strategy and head coach Lang Ping, Jin and Yuan's influence, the formation of a strong first team, while Lang is in an interview recently said the club did last year to spend oneblack nike shox hundred million young team building, advocacy Many, but so far with little success. We have sufficient capital support, but also the name of the marshal under the banner of Lang Ping, Guangdong Women's Volleyball in foreign transfer market this year, play good battle, but back home, wholesale hats even the recruitment of young seedling are thwarted at every turn do nothing. Lang Ping, one of the words to say why: "the domestic practice volleyball would have been less, a number of talented young players a little early teams were registered in all provinces, all she wanted to come to them." nike shox shoes "Registered", "preparation" and it will become a professional volleyball that a corn, you hated it, but do nothing. Today, "a preparation", "within the system" is still widespread social groups of the request, the nike shox civil service examination popular year after year, stable job, to maintain the income of food and clothing, and housing subsidies, medical claims-stop logistical support, in all the eyes are so there is little impact, and "love", "ideal" are similar in the clouds before. white nike shox Lang said, volleyball in China is popular in the past decade and the development of that poor thing up, but interest is now driving a pleasure for the first time, now can stay in the field of Chinese sports athletes train hard day and night, itself should be commended. Repeatedly led the team won the league title in Tianjin, China Bao-Quan Wang women's volleyball coach before the introduction of talking about the hat stores issue of foreign aid Hengda said: "If the league over the introduction of foreign aid, the local players get exercise, and will definitely affect the local team of the whole transport will result. "Regardless of whether the lack of vision this view, which shows the reality is that too many peoplecheap hats need to protect the interests, desires and salvation, was never the same platform. Lang Ping is always emphasized that she is not a savior, and she is only a mortal dared to eat crabs. Corn is also chairman of mortals, Lang Ping is stepped so that a "corn", a show to lead the Guangdong Women's Volleyball strides discrepancies in the actual pain that only she knows.
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